Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Service Frequencies 

  • One-Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Bi-Monthly Pest Control and Termite Services.

Industries Served

  • Wilson Services specializes in servicing: Law Offices, Schools ,Condos & Apartment Complexes, Nursing Homes, Food Processing Plants, Oil & Gas Plants, Warehouses, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, and Grocery Stores. 

Services & Programs

  • Commercial Pest Control
  • ​German Roach Program
  • Top Choice Fire Ant Program
  • Food Safety Inspections
  • Sanitation
  • Spider Abatement
  • Vector Control Program
  • Training & Consulting
  • ​Termite
  • ​IPM Approach

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Wilson Services Commercial Pest

Health Care & Hospital


 Hospitals have a zero-tolerance stance on pests, which makes expert commercial termite and pest control critical. Pests can carry disease, which may endanger patients, and over-reliance on pest-control materials can put sensitive populations in harm’s way.

Our hospital pest control team doesn’t rest until we uncover pest sources. Then we attack them with Integrated Pest Management programs with strict controls – and a commitment to patient safety.

Property Management


 Whether you manage a LEED-certified high-rise office building or garden apartments, property management means meeting needs, including commercial  termite and pest control.  A positive reputation is essential, and superior structural pest control service helps you maintain it. Western services your pest control needs affordably and effectively, keeping pests out and employees or tenants in.

Food Processing


Unique challenges and audit requirements leave no room for error in your commercial pest control program. Our team works with food processors throughout the area to customize eco-friendly pest control programs that fight pests. We know what third-party auditors want, and deliver superior termite and pest control with the paper trail to prove it.

School & University


School and university termite and pest control programs must center on prevention and commitment to a healthy environment, while addressing the needs of a busy environment with numerous pest-attracting factors. 



Positive experiences feed restaurant success, but poor restaurant pest control puts your hard work at risk. Wilson Services exceeds your commercial termite and pest control needs, emphasizing discretion and expertise in the range of restaurant pests. From fly control for restaurants to treatments that ensure food safety, we’re here to help your restaurant make the grade.



There’s no place for termites or pests in manufacturing: Wilson Services delivers superior commercial pest control – with the paper trail to prove it. We know that third-party audits are business critical, and help you pass rigorous inspections. Our industrial pest control professionals are highly trained, taking an industry-specific approach to challenging pest conditions.

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