Green Termite Control


We Care About The Environment

Wilson Services Green Termite Control uses the best technology, organic pesticides, and exclusion techniques to ensure the maximum control of termites—while also promising the least environmental impact. These products have no harmful odors, and you don’t have to leave during treatment. Wilson Services solutions and preventative measures help fight against pests, termites, rodents, and wildlife!


  • Bora-Care is a wood treatment is rendered while the wooden studs of home are at their maximum exposure during the construction phase. The borate is applied in a liquid form, but no chemicals come into contact with the soil. Less chemical is used in this treatment in comparison to the standard home soil perimeter new construction termite treatment. 


  • Protection is in the details. We secure a finely woven stainless-steel mesh around the plumbing penetrations and joints. Targeting these vulnerable areas stop termites from entering the home and protect you from serious damage.

Liquid Treatment

  • Dupont Altriset is the first and only U.S. EPA certified liquid pesticide designated a reduced-risk treatment for homes, pets, and families.