Professional Termite & Pest Control Protection

Professional Termite & Pest Control Protection

Professional Termite & Pest Control ProtectionProfessional Termite & Pest Control Protection

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response

Wilson Services is monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Our industry is essential in the effort to promote public health. 

Recently, the pest control industry was designated as an “Essential Service Provider” as outlined in the Department of Homeland Security CISA document dated March 19, 2020. Our goal is to protect public health by providing an essential service to homeowners and businesses. Our personnel have been given guidelines that meet the CDC recommendations for being protected during the current climate. We have also altered a number of our service offerings in keeping with social distancing efforts. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the things we have implemented:

Commercial Services

We know that commercial businesses are being hit very hard with limited hours, full shut-downs or just limiting access. Since having pest control is an important part of keeping your business pest-free, we are offering services that includes the following:

  • Exterior Only Service – This means we can service the exterior of your property focusing on entry points, perimeter treatments, wiping webs from your establishment and baiting for seasonal pests.
  • Gloves – Our service professionals are wearing a new pair of nitrile gloves at every property and discarding them when the job is complete.
  • No Contact – With verbal approval, our service professionals can complete the service without the customer having to touch the handheld device.
  • Interior Service - If interior service is required, our service professionals will wear a new pair of gloves and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Residential Services

With many homeowners spending more time in their homes, pest control services are essential to protecting a healthy environment. Residential pest control begins with servicing outside of the structure and keeping insects from coming into the home. Here are some of the added steps taken to ensure our homeowners and our service professionals to maintain a healthy, safe and pest-free environment:

  • Exterior Only Service – This service includes wiping webs from the home, treating insect entry points around windows and doors, treating the perimeter of the home to create a second barrier and using bait in the yard. Finally a second bait, when needed, will be placed in outer areas of the yard.
  • Gloves – Our service professionals have been instructed to wear a new pair of gloves at every account disposing of them when the job is complete.
  • No Contact – Our service professional can complete the service on their handheld device with our customer’s approval eliminating having multiple people touching the device daily.
  • Interior Service - If interior service is required, our service professionals will wear a new pair of gloves and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 


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 Many types of pests can threaten or violate cleanliness and proper sanitation. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pests such as rodents, insects and microbes can carry pathogens that may cause diseases, contribute to asthma and other allergies in some people. Our expert selection of Broad-Spectrum products are approved by the EPA. 


 The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America 

White House Coronavirus Guide (pdf)


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Wilson Services plays a vital role in protecting our public health and food supply by reducing the risk of microorganisms including: bacteria, fungi, algae, slime molds and viruses.  


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